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The College Library is headed by a senior Faculty as Library in-charge and is supported by two Librarians, one Asst. Librarian, three Library Assistants and three helpers. The Central Library is spacious , well ventilated and provided with adequate furniture.

To cater to the needs of Students and the Faculty, the Central Library is equipped with about 3,000 volumes and about 300 Titles covering the core subjects as well as general subjects. The Library is fully automated and the data base is managed by SLIM++ software. A good collection of Titles is earmarked as reference books and a spacious reading room is attached to it. The Library is subscribing to as many as 10 National and 5 International Journals and also 48 National and International Magazines.

The books are arranged and classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Open Access System is followed in the library. All students and staff are members of the library and about 150 persons can use library simultaneously.

The Library has a separate “Electronics Resources Wing” with more than 300 CD ROMS and also 30 PIV computers connected in WAN to APSONET to access various National and International Journals through 1MB Bandwidth . Four computers are connected through LAN and have the licensed soft wares Microsoft Campus Agreement, (windows XP, Office 2003, Microsoft windows server 2003, ISA Server). To support WAN and LAN the library is equipped with TWO SERVERS of required higher configuration.

Library has a separate “Digital Library with Bar coding system”.

The library rules are formulated with the main focus on maximum utilization of all the library resources by all sections of the college and to facilitate the smooth functioning.

Working hours

All working Days: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM The Issue Counter functions between 9.30 AM and 5.00 PM on all working days.

Library cards:

The number of library cards provided to the students and faculty are given below:
-> All students except Final Years : 3 cards
-> Eeach Final year students : 4 cards
-> All faculty members : 6 cards
All members shall obtain their library cards only on producing their ID cards.
-> Library cards are not transferable.
-> Only one book shall be borrowed on each card.
-> Members are responsible for safety and security of the books borrowed by them.
-> ID cards along with Library Cards should be produced to borrow the books.
-> All the members should return all the books at the end of each academic year.

Issue and return of books:

Books other than reference copies and periodicals will be issued to the members only on the days specified for them for a period of 14 days . For faculty this borrowing period is one month.

Two renewals of books will be allowed provided there are no reservations against these books. For renewals the members shall produce the books physically and also submit their ID cards.

The borrowers are solely responsible for any damage and loss to the books borrowed by them. They shall satisfy them selves with the condition of the books at the time of borrowing.

Failure to return books before the due dates mentioned on the slips, what ever may be the reason shall attract the following rates of over due charges.

First seven days Rs 1/- per day and from 8th day onwards Rs 2/- per day. Holidays are not excluded while counting the days of late return.

If the due date mentioned on the due date slip happens to be a holiday, the due date will be taken as the next immediate working day.

If a book is not returned with in 50 days from the due date, the cost of the book along with over due charges will be leived.

Loss of books:

Loss of books, if any shall be reported to the librarian immediately and the borrower shall be permitted to provide the replacement with good copy of similar book only on obtaining the permission from the Head of the Institution.

If the borrower fails to replace the lost book within the time fixed, twice the cost of the book and the over due charges will be levied.

Reservation of books:

The members shall reserve any book which is already in issue. The reserved books after their return will be kept at the counter for two consecutive days for the benefit of those who reserved them. If they fail to collect them within two days these books shall be issued to the members in the waiting list and the members shall forfeit their seniority in reservation.

General rules: -> Members without ID cards will not be allowed in to the library.
-> All members shall sign in the register provided at the entrance accepting the rules and regulations of the library.
-> Personal books, files and other articles (except a small note book or loose sheets of paper) will not be allowed inside the library.
-> Strict silence shall always be maintained in the library.
-> Any marking or writing in the book is strictly prohibited.
-> Misbehavior in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and also attracts serious disciplinary action.
-> Notwithstanding any of these rules, the decision of the authorities of the college shall be final in all matters.